Medical Billing Services

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Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Services we provide 

-  Our services include electronic and paper 

      claims filing

-  Submit claims to Clearinghouse

-  Follow-up immediately on claims rejected 

      by clearinghouse and resubmit

-  Post insurance payments from EOBs

-  Pull EOBs from insurance websites if needed

-  Follow-up on unpaid insurance claims

-  Provide any reports regarding claims upon 



Payers list  

-  Medicare/Medicaid

-  Commerical (BC, BS, HealthNet...)


-  Goverment Insurance (ex: Tricare, VA)



Medical Billing Specialties  

-  Physician (Family Practice, Internal Medicine..)

-  Physical Therapy

-  Chiropractic

-  Acupuncture



Service Fees   

-  Please contact us for a free quote

TEL. 714-522-3993 FAX. 714-521-3999
6281 Beach Blvd #318 Buena Park CA 92601

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