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About Us

About Us


By Professionals 

Medical Billing 


SR-MED. operates as a Medical Billing 

Consulting Services company in Southern

California. It specializes in Medicare, 

Medicaid and private insurance claims. 

SR-MED offers electronic and paper claims

processing, claim receipt verification and 

refilling services.


Generally a medical billing agency can perform

your billing for a fraction of the costs associated

with in-house staffing. Outsourcing allows your 

practice to increase practice revenues and make 

patient care more efficient! 

SR-MED, will work as an extension to your office,

working with your staff to manage day-to-day  

billing and practice management tasks. 






Our Mission

- Quality : We are committed high standard of 

                   quality in order to build trust and 

                   loyalty with our clients.

   - Service : We deliver outstanding service to 

                   our clients by anticipating needs

                   and exceeding expectations 

                   whenever possible.

   - Integrity : We take responsibility for our 

                    actions and communicate openly 

                    and honestly with each other and 

                    our clients.

If you have problems with current billing 

company or in-house biller, If you’re trying 

to find a new billing services company, 

Please contact us to get more information 

for billing services and discuss the service 

rate in detail! the service rate in detail! 

TEL. 714-522-3993 FAX. 714-521-3999
6281 Beach Blvd #318 Buena Park CA 92601

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